Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers....

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In the past 24 hours, a number of 'unfortunate events' (a la Lemony Snicket) have occurred. The more minor ones include:

  1. Getting to the gym to discover they had sold out of still water.
  2. Purchasing overpriced sparkling water which then exploded all over me, iPhone  & treadmill.
  3. Dropping iphone hard on the floor, as it was slippery from water.
  4. Bike breaking on the way home from gym, causing me to have to cycle like an unfit octogenarian.
  5. Mudguard spoke thingy falling off as I pass a restaurant full of people- cycle of shame back to collect it from nice lady who had picked it up and hollered at me loudly to make sure I'd noticed it fall (I had, thanks- and now everyone else has too).
  6. Missing the bus this morning.
  7. Catching surrogate bus with a pal, and dropping sunglasses down the bus loudly.
  8. Crawling all over bus floor in a rather pesky dress to get them.
  9. Tripping as I stood up and flashing the (amused) spectators a substantial amount of upper leg flesh. This was, as they say, the final straw.

At this woeful point, two types of reaction lay before me- the way that adult Emma would react, and Teenage Emma's reaction.  It felt like the Matrix- everything slowed down, and time crawled past in tiny increments while I looked at my options:

Teenage Emma was cringing in shame, desperate to run back to her comfy nirvana T-shirt and cords and read fanfiction until it was all forgotten. Adult Emma was laughing her head off, and reminding me that it could have been worse (although she couldn't think how at that exact moment).

It was a moment of crazy duality, where I could picture my past and future selves standing beside me, showing me how I was evolving and where I was heading. Kind of like a concertina, every incarnation of myself suddenly stretched out in front and behind me, presenting me with an option on how to react to this compendium of minor disasters, and on who to be in that moment.

If you're interested, I chose to laugh...and allow myself some fanfiction time later. As a twenty-something, I figure that you sometimes have to accept that while you are 'grown up', there will be room for lapses. And maybe that is the wonderful thing about Tiggers- Tiggers are wonderful things, just the way they are at that precise moment. With, or without comfort Magnum ice cream.


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