Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Social Media Adventures... I have officially dipped my toes in the deep end of the pool...

So, no updates for a while- and you can blame twitter, tumblr and facebook for that!

I have been working hard recently on coming out of my luddite shell, and embracing technology. It's so important that I dedicated whole evenings to it! Between the Publishing Industry's Digital Evolution/Revolution, and my own interests in networking, keeping up with the times, and staying connected with fabulous online communities, I thoroughly believe taking time to build a good online presence is something everyone should do.

I've really enjoyed it, and am quietly proud of my small Twitter following, and that I've been working on building followers for our Society of Young Publisher's Facebook group. I've very much enjoyed looking at and sharing in the relaxed social atmosphere of Tumblr, and all the great gifs and links that are passed around. I now think that I really truly am starting to understand and embrace the reason that these sites are called social media, as I've made some great friends who have similar interests and send me all the best articles, links and cat pictures out there...

My next goal is to post regularly here, and keep everything ticking over. Life, as always, for everyone, is busy. However, a short post from time to time, on issues that really interest me, will keep the creativity flowing and encourage me to write other things that I'm interested in. Ideally, I'd like to also start regularly reviewing books and films on here, and maybe start up a private writing project that might one day actually be published!

There have also been some important lessons- Tumblr is mainly for pictures, it seems, and I can't get the hang of Pinterest at all- ironically, I seem to have no 'pinterest' in it despite having friends/colleagues who swear by it. I've also learned that it's increasingly important to pay attention to privacy settings, and to control what is shared where/when. Personally I've also decided that it is useful to try to clearly separate out your 'work' persona and your personal life online, so that accidental crossovers are minimal/not an issue when or if they occur.

So wish me luck, and I send you all my best with your own social media endeavours! Please do share tips/tricks/suggestions in the comments if you have any :)

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