Monday, 15 July 2013

Make A Difference: Help Now.

I challenge you to Make A Difference Right Now.

Why, you ask, is this so urgent? Well, I reply, why wait? What else could possibly be more important?

Advances in cancer treatment and care have made huge leaps forward in the past years, and a significant part of this is due to the huge amounts of money raised through events like Race for Life and charities like Cancer UK, MacMillan, CLIC Sargent, Hope for Tomorrow and a multitude of other groups that have benefited cancer patients and their families and friends. However, the battle isn't over, and there are lots of ways in which we can still improve cancer care and treatment for those suffering from this disease or the effects of it. Some types of cancer still have a survival rate below 5% even with early diagnosis, or cannot be cured at all. We are still discovering new kinds of cancer, and their causes, every year.

There is a lot of work to be done, and this must be funded. So please don't wait until you or someone you love is diagnosed to make a difference- Help Now. In whatever capacity you can. I promise, you'll be glad someday that you did.

My friend and I took part in Race for Life on Sunday, which I assure you, is 5k further than I usually like to run (being more of a cycling/yoga/swimming person) but for a really great cause, one that I believe in [obvious plug: if you would like to sponsor us, thank you in advance].

In September, I plan to run 10k with friends to raise money for Hope For Tomorrow, which provides mobile chemotherapy units to rural areas, so that patients life spans do not decrease through the exhaustion of traveling miles for a treatment which takes a heavy toll all by itself. These units can save lives, or give loved ones more time together- and every month or year really counts in these situations.

I'll be fundraising more for this, and will put up links to events etc as soon as possible. If you'd like to help, or get involved, please do get in touch- or alternatively, perhaps choose a way that is personal to you to make a difference.

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