Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Phew! It's Hot In The City...

Yes, yes it is....And while it is a little too uncomfortably hot to be in an office sans air conditioning, there is still a lot to enjoy about this heatwave!

See my list below of' reasons not to complain about the heat and to plan in something awesome to do today, even if that's just sunbathing with a glass of iced water beside you....
  1. Magnums instead of tea at 3pm....yummy!
  3. Claiming you're 'too hot to think' is a genuine excuse
  4. Everyone is getting a little tanned (even the redheads!)
  5. Nobody is complaining about lack of vitamin D
  6. Men in shorts & T-shirts ;)
  7. Cycling! Everywhere!
  8. Brightly colored clothes
  9. Tropical fruits taste better
  10. People are more willing to go for a drink (and not hurry home 'for dinner')
  11. The siesta...yay, legit napping!
  12. Pimms/Sangria
  13. Picnic lunches outside of the office
  14. Weekend walks
  15. Drinks with ice (and lemon/lime) in
  16. Eating chips by the water in the sunshine with friends
On that note, I'm off to implement one of these myself!



  1. 17. Falling like an extinct dinosaur to sprawl on the floor so you can experience the sun as your cats do.

  2. Cats really do embrace a sunbeam with 100% commitment! :)