Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Book At This

I have a new favorite author! I have just finished reading everything ever written by J R Ward/ Jessica Bird, and my world has changed- love it when that happens!

Really great authors, especially those who have a reasonable body of work available for me to dive into, make me reconsider everything that came before...and I really mean everything. I review and mull over various life choices, friendships, thought patterns, behavior and even occasionally my wardrobe. I look at the way characters reacted to situations, and think about how and where that might apply in my life and how I can learn from what I am reading.

I like especially to read about strong female characters, because it reminds me of ways I can be/am strong myself, and that I'm fortunate to have a lot of choices in life.Being reminded that there are so many perspectives and options and choices out there ahead of us, and that we have to go get them ourselves, and not just wait for them to come to us is so important! It's so easy, as a prolific reader, to live in your head more than in the moment. That's why I think it's good to love a wide variety of genres- crime, romance, sci-if, fantasy- they all offer different encouragement to expand the mind, world view and real world experiences.

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